Garda Marzemino is produced with Marzemino of Refrontolo grapes; this vine is hardly considered by producers because of its little productivity. In La Guarda , this clone has been tested and experimented during the last 15 years to increase its quantity without changing qualities and peculiarities such as a particular plain ripening, a very intense red color, a 13° C alcohol rate, a slightly herbal taste and a good sapidity conferred by the sandy composition of the soil. Garda Marzemino is aged in oak barrels for 10/12 months before being bottled. Then this wine can be preserved for at least 8/9 more year to better express its character. Garda Marzemino is an highly-respected and firmly-built wine with an intense ruby red color and purple undertones; it has a characteristic taste with a pleasant undergrowth aroma. It is a perfect wine for roasted and stewed meats, aged cheeses and the classical Italian sliced cured salumi.

Bottles should be opened at least one houre before serving, ideally at temperature of 16/18° C.

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