Sparkling Charmat designed and produced by Gigi Negri with the only Sangiovese grapes traditionally grown in his own company in Castrezzone where are the pedo-climatic conditions suitable to express themselves the best. 105 are the days that separate collection of Sangiovese grapes from the bottling of wine: a very short period just to make the second fermentation in autoclave to maintain and enhance, through the effervescence, its freshness, fruity, fragrance, youth and primary aromas, reminiscent of the must just extracted from the skins, while retaining the features typical of Sangiovese varietal.The scents of violets and berries well in evidence, give this sparkling harmony and balance rarely seen. At the sight of a bright pink color appears passionate, with violet hues and accented very intriguing. "Giotti" is the nickname as a teenager by Gigi which is still very fond of."105 by Giotti" is a young sparkling who appreciates you as an aperitif and to accompany fish dishes or white meats.

It is best enjoyed when served at a temperature not too cold, between 10 and 11 ° C, in order not to alter the harmony and pleasure of this Sangiovese brut.
spumante rosè del garda

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