" Valtènesi CHIARETTO"

Il Valtènesi Chiaretto , The most characteristic and typical wine of the Brescia shore of Lake Garda and unique in the national enoic landscape, is born a few hours away from the pressing of the grapes.
It is the experience of the producer who intervenes to separate the must from the skins in order to obtain the right tonality and color intensity and the apex of fresh and fruity fragrances. Finishes the vinification in special stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature.
The old method of working (raised with hat) and the correct union of red grape vines (produced with 50% Groppello, 40% Sangiovese, 10% Barbera) for tradition cultivated in the area of ​​Lake Garda called Valtènesi on land of origin Morainic, make Chiaretto a unique and exemplary wine, delicate in all its aspects: from the rose color with violet reflections, from the pleasant bouquet to the soft, decided taste, read acid and salty.
He best expresses his qualities a few months after harvest. Served at a temperature of 9/10 C ° is a great accompaniment to light meals, sea hors d'oeuvres, lake fish, white meats and pizza.
vino chiaretto della valtenesi

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