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Harvest with family - blog - la guarda

For wine producers like us, September and October are the most important and decisive months: the result of a year’s work is transformed into fragrant wine in the space of a few weeks; the effort is immense but the satisfaction is just as great.

This period of the year is also the most suggestiveto visit the vineyards: the grape harvestand the atmosphere of the grape harvestenchant all ages.

And for this reason, for some years now, we have been offering this opportunity to families and, every Sunday, we open the doors of our wineryto turn adults and children intowinemakers for a day.

It’s Sunday morning…a beautiful, sunny day…the first families arrive…it’s wonderful to see young and old armed with boxes, scissors and rubber boots, ready to run through long stretches of vines to pick grapes.

After harvesting, everyone ditches their shoes and goes barefoot into the vats to crush the grapes, while the scent of must rises enfolding.

The day continues with a relaxing picnic on the lawn, enjoying our wines paired with local dishes. Then a painting workshop for the children and a visit to the cellar for the adults.

painting workshop for the children and a visit to the cellar for the adults. We say goodbye just before sunset with a healthy snack: fruit, homemade cakes, bread and jam. It was a rich and intense day, but also a precious experience, because it brings us back to simple things, done calmly, as our grandparents did.

And the children love it. The essential ingredients for a successful experience are comfortable clothing and a desire to get dirty and have fun, but also curiosity and a desire to learn!

See you at the next grape harvest with family!