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Project the vine 'Chiaretto and its nuances - La Guarda

December 2020… we are in the middle of the second Covid wave, the temperatures are cold but the air is clear, clean… from our kitchen window we often witnessed sunsets with intense pink reflections: a thousand shades that made the atmosphere magical!

Despite the cold season, we love to enjoy a good glass of Chiaretto during dinner, a wine unfortunately considered by many to be a ‘summer wine’… we appreciate it and drink it all year round. The 2019 vintage was not an easy one but, despite this, we are often surprised by the elegant evolution of this wine… the fresh and fruity scents that characterised it during the first months in the bottle have turned into more mature and ethereal ones… the colour, initially a beautiful pink with violet hues, has turned into more mature, intense, slightly orangey colours.

It is always fascinating to talk about wine while tasting it…and it was in one of those moments that we thought we would like to reproduce visually and in a simple way the complexity of Chiaretto.

Sometimes the sea is not always in the way between saying and doing! It only took us a few months to create a vineyard that would reflect and tell the story of this wine through its nuances and composition.

This is how the “Chiaretto and its nuances” project was born: in a historic Groppello vineyard of about 2000 metres in height, we replanted new Sangiovese, Barbera and Marzemino vines to reflect the percentages of the grapes we use to produce this wine. But we have done more… the old posts at the head of this 1970 vineyard are now covered with “giant pencils” made of wood and painted in six different shades of pink.

Because “Pink is not just a colour, it’s also an attitude” as Miley Cyrus writes in one of her most famous quotes.

Il progetto del Chiaretto e le sue sfumature - il vigneto storico

Where is this vineyard located? Next to the “Chiaretto Big Bench”, of course! And it is always possible to visit it…but if you want to know more, if you want to discover all the curiosities about this truly unique vineyard, we are waiting for you at the winery for a tasting!

And do you think we will stop here? Of course not! We have another project in the pipeline to enhance and communicate Chiaretto, this unique and iconic pink wine of Valtènesi.