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Have you ever dreamed of having your own vineyard? To be able to experience the work of the vine-dresser throughout the seasons? Experience the thrill of learning the art of pruning and caring for the vineyard until the magical moment of the grape harvest?

We give you the chance to make this dream come true with our “Adopt a Vineyard”project.

He is Mattia, the soul of Bbuono, and if you don’t know this reality yet, run to discover it and visit his website. Bbuonois an on-line showcase of the best local products from Brescia, Lake Gard and beyond. We select small producers in the Brescia area who, like us, produce typical products from Brescia and Lake Garda. strong respecting the values of quality, ethics and trust, tradition and genuineness.

And it is with this precious collaboration that the project “Adopt a vineyard” was born. It will allow you to learn the culture of wine, live an unusual experience and finally receive the fruits of it with bottles of wine from your own vineyard. For a truly unique wine, yours!

Long-distance adoption is not simply a gift of bottles of wine strong . With a small contribution, we will dedicate a vineyard to you or someone close to you. strong on our beautiful hillside. In addition to receiving the wines directly to your home, you will also receive a coupon to visit our farm and enjoy one of the wonderful experiences we offer in our vineyards.

And that’s not all…

Mattia will also send you our photographs with your diploma in front of your vineyard…isn’t that a great idea for your Christmas presents? Or for an original birthday presentstrong or anniversary gift?

I’m sure that by now you want to know how to adopt a vineyard… it’s so easy!

Click on this link Bbuono and choose the formula you like best between vigna giovane, vigna giovane superior, vigna storica, vigna storica superior, place your order online and wait for the box that Mattia will send you directly to your home.

GIgi and I thank you for your support and look forward to being under your Christmas trees! And of course we look forward to seeing you in our winery!


Francesca e Gigi