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Preserves and jams

The new laboratory for making jams, juices and compotes is one of the great novelties of 2023. Francesca has always loved cooking, experimenting, new but simple and genuine tastes. In our farm, over the years, we have planted many fruit trees: pear, apple, peach, cherry, plum, hazelnut and apricot trees. We are also surrounded by lush nature rich in flowers, fruits and wild plants that can be turned into delicious and unique preserves and compotes. Over the years, Francesca has experimented and tried out different combinations that we have only had the pleasure of tasting as a family. Now the dream of being able to share these flavours with all of you is a reality. And finally, in the tastings we offer in the wine shop, together with our wines and local products, cold meats, cheeses, artisan bread, you will now find our compotes and jams. Only the best fruit, picked at the right point of ripeness, is processed respecting its characteristics. We add a little cane sugar and the juice of Garda lemons, which are an irreplaceable natural antioxidant and give the jam the right acidity. Just a few but fundamental steps to then enjoy the intense flavours and aromas of an artisanal, good and healthy jam. Excellent not only to enjoy at breakfast or to use in the preparation of desserts, our compotes and jams are also excellent with fresh and mature cheeses. And they can also make an excellent gift idea or an original favour for your special occasion.
If you don’t live near us, you can find our entire range in our online shop.