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We have been winemakers for 4 generations! I learned to love the world of wine from my father as he did from his…

Since I was a child, I have always been thrilled to help my father while he worked in the cellar. And even today, after almost 30 years of dedication, making wine fascinates me as much as the first day! Wine is a living element that matures, refines and changes continuously to give us unique scents and sensations with every sip.

My work as a winemaker today is influenced by the full convergence between man and land, between man and nature: the variety of soils and vines, the variability of the seasons, require me to closely and assiduously follow the progress of the vintage, to prevent problems, always in the unshakeable certainty that good wine is already made in the vineyard.

And as with the vineyard, so too with the wine, care is relentless, right from the moment the grapes are picked. All this attention, which comes from tradition, is motivated by the special role that wine plays in our culture: it has always been on our tables, an inseparable companion of any convivial meeting. The choice of the right combination with food enhances the flavours, brightens the spirits and makes every occasion special.

The wines we produce on the farm, in particular Chiaretto and Groppello, with the denomination Riviera del Garda Classico, are protected by the Consorzio Valtènesi which promotes and enhances our work, spreading it throughout the territory. We are also proud to be FIVI vine-growers, an association that brings together small wine-growers who, like us, cultivate their own vineyards, bottle their own wine and personally look after their product right up to the bottle.