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Spumante Brut 105 Rosé


The wine has a pale passionate pink color, with very evident and intriguing violet hues. The aromas of Viola Mammola and wild berries well in evidence give this sparkling wine a harmony and balance of rare comparison.

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We cannot deny Gigi’s love for this sparkling wine created by him in order to exalt at best the Sangiovese grapes cultivated on our hill where they find the ideal pedo-climatic conditions to express themselves at their best. Where does this curious name come from? 105 were the days that separated the harvesting of the Sangiovese grapes from the bottling of the wine the first time we produced it: a very short period of time in order to allow the second fermentation in autoclave to maintain and exalt, through the effervescence, the characteristics of freshness, fruitiness and primary aromas, reminiscent of the must just extracted from the skins, thus maintaining unaltered the typical varietal characteristics of Sangiovese.

Body 0

Acid 0

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Weight 1.2 kg
Vol %



serve between 10 and 11 C°


contains sulfites


Produced in Italy