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An experience is much more than a holiday - La Guarda

Bernd and his family chose our Agriturismo for their holidays. He, his wife Kathleen and their three children live in Berlin and were looking for a holiday in the countryside, surrounded by nature. Right from the first email contact, they had expressed a desire to be involved in the work in the vineyard… and we were delighted to show them the most authentic part of us!

We woke up at 6.30am and by 7am were already working with Gigi: it’s July and at this hour the sun’s rays are warm and embracing. At this time of year, we clean the vine shoots: we have to remove those in excess to allow the vine to develop evenly.


Despite initial difficulties in communicating in English, Bernd is highly motivated and soon understands Gigi’s instructions: he observes him and then gets down to work! For him and for us it is a great satisfaction… touching the work behind the birth of every single bottle of wine makes you fully understand its value!

The whole family then got to knowthe world of beesup close… they saw with their own eyes the queen bee, the drones, the worker bees at work… they listened to how life is organised in a beehive… and finally they tasted honey straight from the hive…

Un’esperienza è molto più di una vacanza - La Guarda

Would you like to know what Berndt’s reward was? First of all, the satisfaction of learning new things! And then breakfast in the best farming traditions: warm bread, mortadella, salame and a good glass of groppello!

Berdt and his family - Breakfast at La Guarda

This is the tourism that we have been promotingfor years! Tourism made up of people as well as places, of experiences as well as relaxation. And this is what awaits you when you come and stay with us in our farmhouse…welcome to our family!