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The story

The wine farm

It all began in 1970 when my father Angelo bought this hill, already called La Guarda at the time. The old owner had just started excavating and planting the vineyards. I was just a child. They were years of hard work: dad divided himself between the winery he managed in Limito (MI) and the work in the vineyard in Muscoline. Between 1978 and 1981 he completed the construction of the cellar and the house we moved into in 1988, as soon as I finished my agricultural studies. Francesca and I met during the 1999 harvest and now we manage with a lot of passion what my father built; we are making innovations and improvements that have allowed us to realize our dream: the Agriturismo in Cantina, a completely renovated tourist facility by recovering the upper part of the winemaking cellar. But the story continues and a new project will see the light in 2022: a new structure dedicated to wine tourism and the culture of Garda wine and extra virgin olive oil.

who we are

Gigi e Francesca

Io e mia moglie Francesca siamo profondamente uniti dall’amore per il mondo del vino e ci piace descrivere così il nostro progetto:

“Our passion is to produce quality wines but even more we love to tell their story”
William Shakespeare wrote this true sentence:

As surely as in wine there is truth
I’ll tell you everything, with no secrets.

And that’s exactly how it is: in front of a glass of wine people tell their stories, hearts open up and souls meet and can touch each other. During these years we told to friends, visitors, tourists, simple wine lovers, our story and we were lucky enough to live and be part of theirs: different and incredible events that, for a few moments, seemed to be ours...this is the magic of wine!

La story across years ...

The evolution of the
wine farm La Guarda

It all started here. The father Angelo buys the hill on which 'La Guarda' will be born.
The first vineyards
These are the years in which the first vines begin to come to life.
The winery
The dream becomes reality with the completion of the cellar.
The expansion
The company is enriched with the purchase of the Ambrusaga hill.
Generational change
The generational change: Gigi and Francesca take over the reins of the company and start developing new projects
A new project is established: the agriturismo is born in the cellar with 4 rooms to accommodate
The wine shop
Finally, another dream comes true. It has born a new space, where sharing moments, experiences, events, by tasting good wine.
The story goes on
A new wine tourism facility related to open air clamping tourism is in progress...
the terroir

Hill and vineyards

This hill, located on the edge of the morainic amphitheater of the hills of Lake Garda, has very ancient origins and dates back to the Quaternary period. The land is therefore of morainic origin, and consists mainly of sand and stones of different shapes, nature and color, scattered chaotically in the ground. This composition naturally gives our wines flavor, minerality, elegance and balance.
The company currently covers an area of 18 hectares, 9 planted with vineyards and 2.5 planted with olive groves. The soil, characterized by stones and sand, gives rise, together with the particularly dry and constantly ventilated climate influenced by the proximity of the majestic Lake Garda, to a pedo-climatic situation such as to be considered by many experts, not only ideal for the achievement of excellent quality of products, but also the best in the area. The vines we grow are: Barbera, Groppello, Marzemino, Merlot and Sangiovese (the reds), Riesling Renano and Chardonnay (the whites). In the small basement cellar it is possible to get to the heart of production and follow step by step the meticulous processes that, starting from the bunch of grapes, lead to the wine ready for the bottle.


We are located in the morainic amphitheater of Garda, on the western shore of the lake.


We enjoy a mild climate influenced by the majestic Lake Garda


Stone and sand are the main components, which ensure high drainage

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the products

Wine, Oil, Juices, Preserves

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